Kemryn, 23

Kemryn, a Pilot Instructor, came to Ground Zero initially to “get in better shape” for outdoor activities he loves, like skiing and mountain biking. He welcomed the philosophy that focusing on strength will help him become better at those activities. Kemryn bought into the process of getting stronger, which for young, naturally lean guys an increase in body weight and muscle mass is required to reap the benefits. 

Over the course of 6 months, Kemryn went from a bodyweight of 165lbs and never lifting weights before to 195lbs bodyweight. We coached him through the Starting Strength Novice Linear Progression.

He since squatted 245lbs, deadlifted 365lbs, benched 150lbs, and pressed 110lbs. 

“Skiing and mountain biking have become easier, I’m no longer tired after a long day since I started training”

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