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Online Training with A Starting Strength Coach

Professional Strength Coaching, Just Like in the Gym But Delivered World-Wide

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Benefits of

Online Training

Online coaching provides the convenience of training anytime, anywhere, even with a busy schedule. Meet with Coach Sam to build a custom online training program that best aligns with your training goals. Ground Zero Strength Online uses barbell training methods with coaching on an easy to use online platform, delivering expert support and accountability to help you build strength and vitality for your most meaningful pursuits. Whether you’ve encountered obstacles in staying committed to a routine or your technique is hindering progress, achieving success hinges on the guidance, programming, and continuous feedback provided by a seasoned coach.



Online training work around you and your busy schedule, making training accessible and flexible. It provides the convenience of training anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to a rack and weights.


More Gains, Less Time

With smart, realistic programming and lifting technique tailored to you, you’ll make progress on your lifts and body composition all year long.

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Dial Up Your Training

Never miss a workout by eliminating commute time to and from the gym. With a coach in your corner, you can overcome annoying lifting plateaus and avoid aches and pains. Ensure your recovery and nutrition is maximized to you.

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Get Stronger from Afar

If you can’t train with us in person, train with us online!

Step 1: Initial consult to review goals, previous training history, injuries, concerns, etc.

Step 2: Onboard Call – Get you set up in system, housekeeping, go into finer detail about plan going forward. 

Step 3: Custom program sent out each week. You do the workouts, upload videos, and feedback. Coach Sam will review your workouts within 24-48 hours and respond with any corrections. 

Step 4: Once per month you’ll get access to chat with me about your training, goals, nutrition, etc… if you can make it come train at Ground Zero Strength for free!

Book a Chat with Coach Sam to learn more about online training at Ground Zero Strength.

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