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Semi-Private Training

Learn how to train and get stronger. Our private gym and small group training environment welcomes any and all, regardless of ability, age, or training background. Prices range between $25-45/session, depending on what suits your needs and schedule.


Private Personal Training

One on one training with a coach. You’ll receive personal attention, custom programming in a private setting so you can get the results you want as efficiently as possible.


Youth and Teen Training

Our Youth and Teen Training focuses on safety, building self-confidence, and provides a positive outlet. The ideals behind the program are to build physical abilities, enhance work ethic, make friends, improve self-confidence, and foster life-long habits related to health and fitness.


Online Training

Train with a Starting Strength Coach online! Individualized programs delivered directly to you. We’ll walk you step by step through the process of strength training, no matter what your goals are or where you’re beginning.

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Barbell Clinic – Starting Strength Coaching

The Intro Session is an immersive 90-minute exposure to training with barbells with a Starting Strength Coach. Here, you will learn how to move and correctly perform the major exercises that will serve as the foundation for your strength journey. Included in the session in an explanation of the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ as well as a discussion about programming basics, fueling for your training, and we lay out your plan for you going forward. This session is required to join the training membership at the gym!

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Our gym offers membership and coaching options starting at just $25/session. Learn more about our pricing options now.