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Semi-Private Training in Twin Falls, ID

Semi-Private Training

Get faster results with semi-private training.

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Benefits of

semi-private training?

Semi-private training provides a cost-effective fitness option blending the individualized care of personal training in a small group environment.


Personalized coaching

In a small group setting, your coach has the attention they need to assist and motivate you through every step of your workout. This makes semi-private training a great option for anyone who prefers more guidance than you’d expect in larger group classes.


A Private Training Experience

In our semi-private classes, you’ll train with 3-6 other people pursuing similar goals. You’ll receive personal, one-one-one attention, while also enjoying an encouraging and fun environment. That means you’ll have like-minded companions supporting you through every session, as well as your coach guiding you and keeping you accountable.


Your own goals

For our clients, strength is freedom, independence, and capability in their everyday life and activities they like to do. For some it is improved body composition, athletic performance, health markers, and feeling more confident in daily life. Some just flat out like the challenge of getting stronger. We meet you where you are, and develop a plan to get you to your goals as soon as you can.  


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