55+ Stronger With Age program

55+ Stronger With Age in Twin Falls, ID

55+ Stronger With Age

Get Stronger and Enhance Your Quality of Life

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55+ Stronger With Age

55+ Stronger With Age program - Our focus

Our Focus: Long Term Health, Longevity, Capability

Exercise is the best prescription for maintaining independence.

Yes, you can strength train. And while strength training may not erase wrinkles or prevent gray hair, it can help us experience a significantly improved quality of life.

The worst advice an older person can ever get is: “Take it easy.” “Taking it easy” doesn’t help us walk up stairs, carry groceries, tend our gardens, shovel snow, or do the activities we love to do. In fact, taking it easy can make everything we do in the course of a day harder.

This is where strength training comes in.

Whether you are 55 and recently retired or 85 and hoping to maintain independence, we can help you get stronger.

55+ Stronger With Age program - Yes, You CAN!

Yes, You CAN!

You may not think that weight training is right for you. Maybe you are worried about getting hurt. Maybe you have some limitations from past injuries that prevent you from training and getting stronger.

This is not the case. Yes, You Can Train!​

On day one, some of our members are unable to get up from a chair. Others are unable to walk confidently without a cane or a walker. Whether you’re fit and healthy or struggling to perform day-to-day tasks, your Coach will determine what you can safely do on day one. And then you’ll do a little more next time you train. And then a little more the next session. You will accumulate strength each time you visit the gym – like a 401k for your health.

All of our older lifters progress with our carefully planned system of progressive overload. You will build bone density, balance, metabolic function, resiliency, lean tissue, and overall strength. You will get stronger, improve balance, mobility and you will experience a better quality of life, guaranteed.

Train in a private, safe, and positive environment with Professional Coaching

Train in a private, safe, and positive environment with Professional Coaching

One of the biggest concerns for our older lifters is safety in the gym. All of our staff possess a minimum of a Master’s degree and years of experience training 100’s of individuals. Safety is our number one priority. We teach safe technique and exercise methods to everyone.

Our staff includes a Starting Strength Coach and experts in exercise science and design highly effective, gradual, and safe programs for participants. We pride ourselves on being principles based.

It is positive, inclusive, accepting and very encouraging training environment.

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